7 декабря 2015, Copenhagen

# Понедельник 23 твита

Hi, everyone! This is @kaspth. You may know me from rails-weekly.ongoodbits.com, dev.firmafon.com/blog, or, just as likely, nothing at all 😁


Daytime gig is with @Firmafon, while nighttime shindigs belong to @rails.


I generally don’t plan that far ahead, but feel free to ask me questions in English to your hearts content 😎


10 minutes in, I’ve already made my first mistake. Our blog is at dev.firmafon.dk/blog.

@rubyunderhood how do you share your time between Firmafon projects and open source? Does Firmafon sponsor OSS developers?

Only really dig in to Open Source on nights and weekends :)

Currently no sponsorships, no. twitter.com/kirshatrov/sta…

@rubyunderhood @kaspth hey Kasper! How did you start with contributing to rails?

Never did anything of note until I was a Google summer of code student for Rails. twitter.com/gmile/status/6…


Then things went pretty quiet until I started helping out with Rails’ Global ID repo mostly in August-October 2014.


Early 2015, I started watching the Rails repo, just to get a feel for things. About 2-3 weeks in, I began reviewing PRs.


Because of my long history with the Rails people (they knew to trust me), I was promoted to Rails’ issues team.


Kept reviewing pull requests and made it to Rails’ committers team June-July.


If you want to contribute to Rails, I’d say thoughtful feedback focusing on tuning PR readability is your best bet. Keep building trust!


Oh, I’d also add don’t try to win anything by it. I’m not aiming for core team or anything. The work is worthy in and of itself 😁

@rubyunderhood Nice to see you here! Which books/courses/etc. you can recommend for Ruby-beginners?

Why’s Poignant Guide was the first time I saw Ruby (ca. 2009). A year later, Rails for Zombies showed me Rails. twitter.com/pinyslutty/sta…

@rubyunderhood what do you think about future of rails? :trollface:

GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN FOLKS twitter.com/anton_davydov/…

@rubyunderhood hej, first comes first: how did you get into this? I mean, ruby :) Ruby isn't so mainstream language

Craig Hockenberry’s App Development: The Missing Manual recommended Why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby. twitter.com/Shiroginne/sta…


I thought for a long time iOS was the thing (too sucked in by the Mac blogosphere). Ruby was still there in the backseat.


It wasn’t until I started deciding for myself. I realized just how much iOS development sucked, and how much more fun Ruby and the web was.

@rubyunderhood we need to use @lotus_rb in the next project, yes? :D

On a serious note: fuck no. Frameworks with batteries included all the way! twitter.com/anton_davydov/…

@rubyunderhood What you think about elixir and phoenixframework?

Just trying to get better at Ruby mostly. I hear good things about it though :)



By the way, Pheonix's model for Web Sockets were an inspiration to Action Cable ;)

@rubyunderhood soon it will make more sense to just use Phoenix instead of Rails ;)

Great! More Rails for the rest of us 😎


@rubyunderhood How often do you use regular expressions in your works ?

Not enough to remember specifics. Damn handy for a lot of little things though! twitter.com/pinyslutty/sta…


Alright, folks! This has been a blast. Thanks for the good questions.

@kaspth, signing off. Na Zdorovie!


# Вторник 19 твитов

@rubyunderhood What would you do if one day software development does not exist anymore? Which profession would you choose?

Make software development exist 🤓twitter.com/nick_jastix/st…1


Less cheeky: have no idea. Don’t think you choose your profession as much as your profession chooses you.


Which, partly means, I suck at choosing. For better or worse, most of my life has been drifting.


I was pretty staunch about not taking a formal CS degree. Already great at “school”, I wanted something were I was in charge.


Has anybody tried Turbolinks in their apps? We have an Angular setup, but would like to switch to less academic JS.


.@Firmafon is a carrier, so just having software that is intuitive and works is a blessing for people.


In other words we’re not making an ambitious web application as Ember puts it 😁

@rubyunderhood I used Turbolinks in one my job project, but after one bug which I debug around 4 hours I remove this gem :(

Aww, that sucks. Are you just running without a JS framework? :) twitter.com/anton_davydov/…

@rubyunderhood for me Turbolinks is like spring but in frontend :D

The Leprechaun got out of the console 😁 twitter.com/anton_davydov/…

@rubyunderhood what do you think about other languages? For example clojure or go lang?

Haven’t looked very much into them. I have heard Go being thrown around a lot lately for what that’s worth. twitter.com/anton_davydov/…

@dcromster @rubyunderhood i want to learn common lisp, lol

About Lisp, I've watched most of 80's MIT's computing intro lectures: ocw.mit.edu/courses/electr… — holds up well!


@rubyunderhood and little talk about GSoC, I completed GSoC15 and it was amazing. What you can say about this? :) Do you have a T-short? :D

Ah, really! What was the project? :)

(Yes, I have a 2013 student t-shirt and a 2015 mentor one)


@anton_davydov @rubyunderhood I remove Turbolinks at once when I start new project =)

I like Turbolinks partly because it's not meant as a blackhole.



Facebook and Google always have a surplus of programmers to throw at React and Angular, while Basecamp still keeps it to 10-12.


That matters a lot for our team of 4 developers :)


Jim Weirich gave a talk about the SICP book from the course:


Well, the first two "mind-blowing" chapters :)

@rubyunderhood If somebody wants to make a complex fronted separated angular/backbone app+rails as an API will be better imo

Every time I hear that I think about Shopify: shopify.com/technology/156….

The end result sounds far nicer :)


@rubyunderhood If somebody wants to make a complex fronted separated angular/backbone app+rails as an API will be better imo

Our app has enough complexity elsewhere 🤓


# Среда 17 твитов

@rubyunderhood and you know these js people would prefer ember/angular/react because they're more fun and well documented.

Yes, “fun”! You get way more cred for using one of those frameworks. Turbolinks is boring. twitter.com/common_disease…

.@rubyunderhood Take a look at Pjax. Here @StarrHorne talks about their experience and why they picked Pjax over TL confreaks.tv/videos/madison…

Funny how many say they remove Turbolinks from new apps, but I haven’t seen any mention --skip-turbolinks 😁

@common_disease @rubyunderhood I think that backbone is less academic))

Yeah, from what I’ve seen it is less complex. twitter.com/rainrb/status/…

@rubyunderhood Which gems are most useful for new application on rails from your point of view?) Can you recommend something “must have”?)

minitest-focus is pretty neat. I usually go for byebug if I need a debugger. twitter.com/rainrb/status/…


Otherwise being the designated Rails upgrader at our company, I’d say the fewer dependencies the better.


We just switched to Rails 4.2 Monday, and nearly got caught in a virtuous cycle of dependency upgrade forcing another upgrade :/


Depends on how you like your Monday’s, I guess.


Personally I can only stand a 24 hour dose in a day #pun

@rubyunderhood for example I always add pry and awesome_print to new Gemfile:)

method_source is also cool (which pry uses I believe). Have never been a big pry guy. What do you like about it? :) twitter.com/rainrb/status/…

@rubyunderhood so you don't have a degree? in russia many people are drifting to university after school just because their mothers want it.

My pedigree is no degree 😁

How much of school is self funded in Russia? In Denmark the government pays all. twitter.com/common_disease…


I was drifting toward university too because I’d taken dogma as fact: “you got good grades, you *ought* to go to university”. Bah, humbug!

@rubyunderhood to be fair, shopify removed their own thing called batman.js, maintaining it was wasting their time too.

Good point. It’s not a direct apples to apples comparison.

Public framework usually beats homegrown. twitter.com/common_disease…

@rubyunderhood What is your code editor of choice? Vim, right? ;)

I’m even more esoteric than DHH here. I use Chocolat, which does the job and looks like a Mac app. twitter.com/nick_jastix/st…


Do use Vim for commit messages, so I get trained slowly.

.@rubyunderhood Take a look at Pjax. Here @StarrHorne talks about their experience and why they picked Pjax over TL confreaks.tv/videos/madison…

Thanks! I’ll look into it :) twitter.com/listochkin/sta…

@rubyunderhood because few people have read the docs :)

They’d save time if they did, I think 😁 twitter.com/fat0troll/stat…


# Четверг 22 твита

@rubyunderhood so, main question. Rspec or minitest? :D

Love Minitest to bits and can’t stand Rspec :D

Flame on! twitter.com/anton_davydov/…

@rainrb @rubyunderhood you forgot --make-good and --skip-bad-code :)

Dang it, we forgot to get those in for Rails 5 🤓twitter.com/anton_davydov/…J

@anton_davydov @rubyunderhood we’ve turned on —make-good-code by default ;-)

Convention over configuration triumphs again! twitter.com/rainrb/status/…

@rubyunderhood thanks for the Chocolat editor, it looks interesting:)

Hope you like it. I’m not very advanced with editors.

Typing things out by hand doesn’t need to be :) twitter.com/rainrb/status/…

@rubyunderhood if your high school grades are good you might get free university education. I did. Dropped out though, no degree ;P

Sounds like you made the right choice 👌 twitter.com/vassilevsky/st…

@rubyunderhood if your high school grades are good you might get free university education. I did. Dropped out though, no degree ;P

Also, don’t get me started on grades.

Fancy pseudo science people sorter that can do no wrong. twitter.com/vassilevsky/st…


If I recall correctly grades were invented in late 18th century. Why haven’t we “disrupted” them yet?


@rubyunderhood Do you have interest in some technologies besides ruby and rails?) Maybe you use go/closure/erlang for some tasks?

Mostly interested in rounding out my stack at the moment. I still suck at finding stuff in logs for instance. twitter.com/rainrb/status/…


What I’m saying is: I already have one area mapped out and don’t care much for differing perspectives right now. In time that will change.

@rubyunderhood @rainrb i love pry for `ls` and `edit` commands and of course for integration with byebug.

Interesting. I should look more into it. twitter.com/common_disease…


Also if you’re reading this and mainly use `puts` for debugging? Don’t fret!

Lots of people and it’s fine 😎

@common_disease @rubyunderhood agree, sources navigation and debugger first of all

To me, byebug covers that just fine.

I get tired of typing `continue` to step instead of just `s`. twitter.com/rainrb/status/…


But we could be on an old version, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@POS_troi @anton_davydov @rubyunderhood well, well, turbolinks are ok if u know about it's limitations. Just know what u use & how it works

Given that it’s tiny, it should be much easier to grok too :) twitter.com/jastkand/statu…

@rubyunderhood "degree means you can do meaningless stuff, full time, for a long time, no questions asked" (viewpoint of many employers)

Ha! That rings true to me 😁 twitter.com/ZaZooBred/stat…


I don’t want to be mean to people who have degrees, but usually people with PH.D.s get touted as the ultimate achievers by society.


Or as reaching it is a milestone. I just won’t accept that.

@rubyunderhood why not atom? It's simple, power and 21 century :)

Doesn’t feel like a Mac app to me.

I know what that sounds like coming from a web developer 😱 twitter.com/Shiroginne/sta…

@Shiroginne @rubyunderhood noooooooo:) atom tooooo sloooow ;-)

That, and hackability isn’t a selling point for me.

I just want boring old software that works. twitter.com/rainrb/status/…

@rubyunderhood @rainrb @common_disease I prefer require "debug" instead byebug ( ._.)

Don’t know about that one :) twitter.com/anton_davydov/…

@rubyunderhood what do you propose instead? github stars? :)

My point wasn’t to find an alternative. It’s no one has been sought.

(Also fuck no, that would be horrible.) twitter.com/common_disease…


# Пятница 15 твитов

@rubyunderhood snds rationally,but I can't force myself to concentrate on specified area.I always try to find something new in m free time;)

Nothing wrong with that! I’d just like to *try* to keep it to one area at the moment. twitter.com/rainrb/status/…

@rubyunderhood puts? Try `raise`, sometimes it can surprise you by not firing

I’ve demanded a raise before. Unfortunately, I, not the exception, got fired. #pun twitter.com/ZaZooBred/stat…

@rubyunderhood it's clarity of thinking that counts, not the tricks learned in colledge

Agreed, and that’s usually orthogonal to education. twitter.com/ZaZooBred/stat…

@rubyunderhood What do you think about isomorphic apps as huge pros to js-ecosystem? Could we use ruby for native apps sometime? Thx.

Conventions and standards trumps isomorphism by far. twitter.com/kirylkiryl/sta…


Saw a demo of Volt once, the example controller was a grabbag.

That part felt like a huge step back to me.

@rubyunderhood It’s Friday, it’s time for tricky questions: programming is the new big thing. Hours of code, thousands of coding academies->
@rubyunderhood -> every president should have JS skills... Programmer is a 21 century engineer, every young boy and girl wants ->
@rubyunderhood -> to be a programmer (for US, and Belarus, and Russia for example). How is it in Denmark? ->
@rubyunderhood -> Does every young Danish boy/girl want to be a programmer? 😎
@rubyunderhood -> to be a programmer (for US, and Belarus, and Russia for example). How is it in Denmark? ->

I think much of that movement is a ruse from on high.

All they talk about is the dollars they can gain. twitter.com/Shiroginne/sta…


Code is terrible for most people. It’s a horrible interface to gaining intuitive rationality.


My clarity of thinking improved massively once programming clicked.

But gaining that through code is not for most people.


We should have something better than code. I have no idea what that will be, but I’m fascinated by Bret Victor’s research.


He’s trying to unlock other ways of thinking by shifting our perspective. And whips up amazing demos 😎

@rubyunderhood -> Does every young Danish boy/girl want to be a programmer? 😎

No. Likely because the Danish government hasn’t figured out how to make money off those people yet. twitter.com/Shiroginne/sta…


# Суббота 1 твит

@rubyunderhood most humans are still bad at simple arithmetics and logic, so this should be improved in the first place... or should not?

I think so. We need a higher median. twitter.com/common_disease…